Exploration Rights

The claim is the only valid exploration right in Québec. The claim gives the holder an exclusive right to search for mineral substances in the public domain, except for sand, gravel, clay and other loose deposits, on the land subjected to the claim.

A claim can be obtained by map designation.

The first term of a claim is three years. It can then be renewed for two-year periods, provided that the claim holder meets the conditions stipulated in the Mining Act, including the carrying out of exploration work, the nature and amount of which is established by regulation.

The only acceptable method of submitting a notice of map designation for a claim is via GESTIM Plus .

The online publication Claims describes the procedure for obtaining and renewing a claim, along with the requirements relating to the compulsory work that must be carried out on each claim.

The ministère des Ressources naturelles et des Forêts has implemented the “Electronic Registrar” to automate the process of analyzing and registering map designated claims.

Video: Mineral exploration