Urban area perimeters (transitional provisions)

As from December 10, 2013, prospecting, mine exploration and mining operations are prohibited in respect of mineral substances in the domain of the State that are situated within an urban area perimeter shown on the map of mining titles. This does not apply to substances included in a territory covered by a mining right obtained after that date, until the RCM’s mining-incompatible territories have been established.

Impacts of withdrawal of mining activities from urban perimeters

  • Prospecting, staking and map designation of claims, mine exploration work and mining operations are all prohibited.
  • Leases to mine surface mineral substances (e.g. sand and gravel) are also prohibited.
  • There is no impact on mining titles already granted or for which applications are pending.
  • New mining titles may be granted on land covered by a mining right obtained before December 10, 2013, when the right in question expires, is abandoned or is revoked.