Stéphane Vachon

Ville Lac-Mégantic

With a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a Master’s degree in Administrative Science, Mr. Stéphane Vachon is a seasoned manager with diversified experience in business development and marketing in various private companies, both national and international in scope. Originally from the Lac-Mégantic area, he wanted to return to the region to contribute to the town’s reconstruction and economic recovery following the tragedy of July 6, 2013. So today, Mr. Vachon is at the head of a new service at the City; the Bureau de coordination et de développement économique was created in 2020 with the aim of expanding the initial mandate of the Bureau de reconstruction set up in 2015. Its mandate is to receive, develop and stimulate the attraction of structuring economic development projects in the industrial, commercial and tourism sectors throughout the territory, as well as any project contributing to the reconstruction of the downtown area. Strongly convinced that the energy transition is undeniable, Mr. Vachon leads a team whose motivation is to become a leader in the energy transition of rural Canada.