Pierre-Arthur Groulier

Troilus Gold

A graduate of the Memorial University of Newfoundland (Ph.D.), Pierre-Arthur Groulier had the opportunity to work on metamorphosed and deformed Proterozoic and Archean terrains in Quebec during his master’s, doctoral and post-doctoral studies, which enabled him to develop expertise in mapping, economic geology, lithogeochemistry and structural geology. During this academic period, he worked on the Crevier Nb-Ta deposit, rare-earth pegmatites in the Grenville, the Cheechoo gold deposit, the Eider PGE-Au-Cu deposit and published a metallogenic synthesis of the Frotet-Evans greenstone belt. Since late 2020, Groulier has been working for Troilus Gold Corp., where he first worked on defining the Troilus gold-copper deposit before focusing on generating regional exploration projects for precious, base and critical metals in the Archean of Quebec.